Tripnotik Choco 5000MG ( 5 Grams )

Available Psilocybin Chocolate Bars Flavours:

– Magic Fantasy: Milk Chocolate

– Espresso Trance: Dark Chocolate


we got the Psilocybin Tripnotik Chocolate 500MG in the 6ix, and it’s a whole new wave. These ain’t your regular chocolates; we’re talking about 500MG of that mind-bending Psilocybin power packed into each bar.

Imagine this: smooth chocolate that’s not just for your taste buds, but also gonna take your mind on a trip to the unknown. Tripnotik knows what’s up – they’ve crafted these chocolates to be the portal to another dimension, fam.

Now, I gotta keep it real with you – this ain’t your average ride. It’s like a psychedelic journey through the 6ix skyline, with each piece unlocking a new level of consciousness. It’s a vibe like no other, straight-up Trippy with a capital T.

Whether you’re on a solo exploration or rolling with the mandem, Psilocybin Tripnotik Chocolate got you covered. It’s discreet, it’s potent, and it’s bringing that next-level magic straight to the 6ix.
*Please use dosage with caution!

tripnotik psilocibyn chocolate at afterdark cannabis york dispensary