Stellar Gummies 500mg

Available Flavours:
Strawberry Kiwi

Listen up – we just dropped the Stellar Gummies 500mg in the 6ix, and these ain’t your average sweets. We’re talking about 500mg of that next-level vibe packed into each bag. These gummies are a straight-up flavor party, and you need to get in on this.

Now, here’s the deal – the flavors are off the charts, but it’s a mystery until you link up with your budtender. They got the insider info on all the mind-blowing tastes. Whether you’re into fruity madness, tropical waves, or something that’ll take you by surprise, the budtender’s got your back.

But let’s talk about that 500mg power – it’s like a turbo boost for your vibes. Stellar Gummies are here to take your experience to the stars and beyond. Whether you’re chillin’ with the mandem or just doing your own thing, these gummies are your ticket to the high-grade goodness in the 6ix.

So, next time you’re in the shop, hit up your budtender, ask about the flavors, and get ready for a flavor journey like no other. Stellar Gummies 500mg – cop yours now and elevate your vibe