Drizzle Delta D9 Pre-rolls

Drizzle Delta D9 Pre-rolls, a 7-gram pack of that top-shelf AAAA+ flower, laced up with D9 Distillate. This ain’t your average blaze; it’s a Toronto essential for those craving a next-level session.

Drizzle Delta D9 ain’t playing – it’s that premium grade, straight from the top shelf, hitting you like a 6ix storm. This ain’t just your regular green; it’s a game-changer, a real essential for the true ones navigating the streets of Toronto. When you’re sparking these Delta D9 Pre-rolls, you’re diving into the key to a legit smoking experience.

No cap, the Drizzle Delta D9 is like the boss of the cannabis game. It’s AAAA+ flower, infused with that D9 Distillate magic. Imagine a heavy high, a journey through the 6ix vibes, and when you puff on these pre-rolls, you’re elevating your smoke to the true Toronto level.

Whether you’re posted on the block or chilling in the ends, the Drizzle Delta D9 got you covered. It’s more than just a smoke; it’s a lifestyle, a piece of the 6ix in every toke. Slide through After Dark Cannabis Dispensary and cop that Drizzle Delta D9
( 0.7 grams x 10 pre-rolls per pack )