Honey Berry

Black Russian

Dark Stout

The OG way to roll up your green. These ain’t just wraps; they’re a whole vibe, a Toronto essential for any roadman who knows what’s good.

Backwoods ain’t playing – they’re the go-to for that raw, unfiltered smoking experience. These wraps bring the hood together, a ritual for the real ones. They’re rugged, just like the streets, and when you spark one, you’re repping the true Toronto flavor.

No cap, the aroma when you blaze up with Backwoods is next level. It’s like a mix of woodsy vibes with a hint of sweetness, making every hit an experience. The slow burn is like the city’s heartbeat, smooth and steady. Backwoods ain’t just wraps; they’re a lifestyle, a piece of the 6ix in every puff.

Whether you’re posted on the block or chilling in the ends, Backwoods got you covered.