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Purple Milk

After Dark Cannabis Dispensary in York just dropped that exclusive Purple Milk, fam! This ain’t your regular strain – it’s that pure Indica power with a jaw-dropping 36% THC level. When you check out these buds, you’ll see they’re like royalty, draped in shades of deep purple and covered in a thick layer of trichomes. Purple Milk is a real head-turner, a strain fit for a Toronto kingpin.

Now, let’s talk about them aromatics and flavor profiles – it’s straight-up heavenly, fam. Crack open that jar, and you’ll be hit with a sweet and creamy scent that’s like a dessert straight outta the 6ix. When you blaze it up, you’re in for a treat with flavors that taste like a blend of berries and cream with a hint of earthiness. As for them terpenes, Purple Milk is loaded with myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene – the perfect combo for ultimate relaxation and uplifting vibes.

When it comes to the high, Purple Milk is the real deal, no cap. You’re in for a deep body relaxation that’ll have you feeling like you’re on a cloud of purple dreams. It’s the perfect strain to help alleviate symptoms like chronic pain, stress, and insomnia – it’s like a warm hug from the 6ix. And here’s the kicker – the ash burns white as the purest snow, a clear sign of top-tier bud. Plus, the high keeps you in the zone for a solid 40 to 60 minutes, so you can ride the wave all night. Purple Milk is that Toronto stoner’s fantasy come true – don’t sleep on it, fam!