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Planet X

A highly uncommon variety of indica is planet X. Don’t be scared to experiment when using this elusive bud. Despite being difficult to locate on the typical market, Planet X is renowned for producing a potent, long-lasting high that affects the entire body. The high creeps up on you slowly from the back of your mind. It suddenly hits you with a very calming overtone, which causes you to feel at ease and a little dizzy. You’ll begin to feel a warm tingle spread throughout the rest of your body as your thoughts drift farther and further into the great beyond. You’ll fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling utterly calm as a result. Planet X is a fantastic option for treating seasoned individuals with sleeplessness, chronic pain, nausea, and chronic stress because to its potent effects. When you exhale, this flower has a characteristic skunky, stinking flavor that is followed by a faint earthy and spicy flavor. The aroma has a strong skunky, earthy aspect that is emphasized by the dank herbs. It is also highly sour and peppery. Round, substantial Planet X buds are covered in tiny milky white crystal trichomes and have deep purple undertones, vivid amber hairs, and olive green overtones.