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Pink Zombie Kush

Pink Zombie is an Indica strain. Are you prepared to become a zombie? This mind-blowing strain is ideal for calming an overactive mind, with relaxing effects that will keep you focused and on task until you fall asleep. The high begins behind your eyes, infusing your mental state with heightened awareness and, when required, providing improved attention and motivation. Soon, this will become a whirling stone, leaving you delighted but befuddled, falling in and out of pleasant thoughts and delightful warmth. A powerful body high follows, tethering you to the sofa and leaving you completely thrilled as you fall asleep. Pink Zombie is supposed to help with chronic stress, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and appetite loss. The perfume is spicy and earthy, with a berry pine flavour that is sweet and wonderful. The buds of Zombie Kush are grape-shaped forest green nuggets with overtones, long dark amber hairs, and tiny matching crystal trichomes.