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Pink XL Bazooka

Pink XL Bazooka is a hybrid strain that is mostly Indica.  Pink XL Bazooka refers to both the potency of the high and the size of the buds. Whoever enjoys indicas or hybrids will love this strain. You feel the impacts of the high immediately and strongly, and you almost immediately enter a state of pure creative focus and energy. A high that leaves you feeling like you can’t concentrate on much of anything develops swiftly from this feeling of being lifted. Your body will begin to unwind as your mind does. You’ll enter a couch-locked condition, which can occasionally make you feel drowsy and groggy. Because of these outcomes, it’s an excellent technique to address diseases including chronic stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and pain. After smoking it, this flower leaves a strong aftertaste of sweet and tart lemon on your tongue. The aroma is quite similar and has a faint herbal pine undertone. Huge, fluffy, and blue-green Pink XL Bazooka buds are present. They have blue-tinted frosty crystal trichomes on top of their brilliant orange hairs.