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Mixed Popcorn

Even though it has the look of popcorn, this strain is not to be confused with the low-quality “popcorn” nugs. They’re little, but they carry a powerful punch. Our Mixed Popcorn is an indica dominate hybrid. The flavour is comparable to buttered popcorn, while grapefruit, blue cheese, and blueberries round out its flavour profile. Meanwhile, the aroma contains pleasant undertones of cherries, cheese, and fruit. The popcorn-shaped nugs have light green leaves, brown hairs, and crystals. The results are calming, creative, and uplifting. Popcorn Kush is effective for treating anxiety, glaucoma, ADHD, and chronic pain, while a severe case of the munchies makes it a perfect treatment for eating difficulties. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are likely adverse effects. While paranoia, headaches, and dizziness have also been noted.