Mars OG Kush

After Dark Cannabis Dispensary in York is taking you on a space journey with the Mars OG Kush! This Indica Hybrid is a true interstellar gem, boasting an astronomical 30% THC level that’ll have you soaring through the cosmos. When you lay your eyes on these buds, you’ll be starstruck, fam. They’re covered in trichomes, shimmering like Martian dust on lush green leaves, and the fiery orange hairs add an extraterrestrial charm. It’s like a piece of the red planet right in your stash.

Crack open a jar of Mars OG Kush, and you’re in for a scent that’s truly out of this world. The aromatics are like a cosmic breeze, with a blend of earthy and woody notes that’ll make your senses wander through the galaxy. When you take that first hit, the flavor profile is equally captivating, with a smooth, woody taste and hints of spice and herbs. Major terpenes at play include myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, creating an aroma and flavor experience that’s like a voyage to another planet.

Now, let’s talk about the high – it’s like a trip through space and time, starting in your head and rocketing through your body. Mars OG Kush delivers a powerful and euphoric experience that’ll have you floating in zero gravity for a staggering 26-31 minutes, perfect for when you want to explore the universe within. It’s also known to help with stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. And here’s the kicker, fam – it burns white ashes, a sign of purity and top-notch quality. If you’re searching for a strain that’s as galactic as it is therapeutic, delivers a mind-bending high, and helps you escape the ordinary, Mars OG Kush is the one to embark on a celestial adventure with.