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King Louis XIII

King Louis is a  sativa dominant hybrid cannabis, the genetics are currently unknown. It makes sticky-looking dark brown and green buds. King Louis has  highly potent levels of THC. It has a powerful and calming high that relaxes you and makes you sleepy. Smoking King Louis will also make you hungry, which is why it is a good antidote for a lack of appetite. It has a strong aroma that combines diesel, pine, and earthy scents. It has a strong flavour as well, and when you smoke King Louis, you will notice a blend of earthy, pine, and diesel flavours in your mouth. It is an effective treatment for anxiety and stress of various kinds due to its relaxing effect. Furthermore, people who have irregular bowel movements can use this safe strain to get relief from their problem. Medical patients suffering from insomnia and chronic pain can also use this strain to alleviate their symptoms.