THC 27%



Gas Mask

Gas Mask is a highly unusual Indica-dominant hybrid strain. You’ve come to the correct location if you’re looking for a hard-hitting high! Gas Mask has a high strength and a lengthy duration of action, leaving you weary and sleepy after only a few hits. Gas Mask has a lifting effect that does not invigorate you, but rather thoroughly calms you. The tingling sensation will spread quickly throughout your body, lulling you to sleep. Chronic pain, sleeplessness, spinal cord injury, weariness, and depression are all popular uses for Gas Mask. As you exhale, this strain has a nasty skunky scent with traces of sour cherry. Fresh cherry and sour dank dominate the aroma, with a skunky powerful overtone that can fill a room. Heavy olive green nugs with deep forest green overtones, dark amber hairs, and a layer of dark amber crystal trichomes cover the buds of Gas Mask.