FLO Pods –

Flo Extracts provides uncompromising cannabis products to those who need them most. They are constantly innovating for the future of the industry, and for a better cannabis experience. Their solemn promise to their users is that they will never stop improving.

FLO’s Vape-pod system is proprietary to their own line of vaporizers, because each pod uses advanced vapor technology to vastly improve on the performance of the classic 510 pen. The classic 510 vape pen is derived from a design that was meant to be used to vape nicotine rather than cannabis, whereas the FLO-pod system was designed from the ground up to be the perfect way to vaporize your weed.

Contrary to the 510 Thread, FLO pods belong to a new class of super-portable, extremely advanced cannabis vaporizers. The pod itself combines with the battery to make a simple 2-part system: instead of using threaded vape tanks, FLO pod refills snap on and create an airtight seal that helps to ensure each toke results in the maximum possible vapor yield.