FLO Distillate Vape 1G

FLo Distillate Vape 1G in the 6ix, and it’s pure fire! This ain’t your basic vape, we’re talking about that 1G of potent goodness that’s gonna have you floating on clouds.

FLo knows what’s good – this ain’t just any distillate, it’s the roadman’s choice for a reason. That 1G is like a passport to a higher state of vibes. It’s discreet, it’s potent, and it’s hitting you with that smooth hit that’s gonna have the mandem giving you props.

Picture this: FLo Distillate Vape is the key to unlocking the ultimate session. It’s that 1G power move, and trust, it’s gonna have you on a different level.

Hit up your local plug, ask for that FLo Distillate Vape, and watch the mandem salute. Don’t be sleeping on this – cop your 1G now and elevate your vape game, roadman style! 💨🔥🚀
Available in:
– Hybrid
– Indica
– Sativa