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FLO CBD Drops (3000 mg)

It seems that everywhere you look, people are talking about CBD and how they’re managing to add it to their daily health and wellness routine. If you’ve tried other CBD oils and didn’t enjoy the flavour, then you might still love FLO CBD Drops. They’re 100% vegan friendly, gluten-free, and flavoured with scrumptious vanilla.

FLO CBD Drops contain 3000mg of premium, high-quality CBD. CBD is great for treating irritant disorders, such as eczema or arthritis, and can assist in the treatment of seizure disorders like epilepsy. CBD lacks the more psychoactive effects of its more famous cousin, THC, but it still carries many of the same medicinal effects.

If you’re looking for something brand new in the world of CBD and cannabis, this oil is it. It’s easy to administer, and you can add it to almost whatever you want. Try some CBD from FLO today.