Elixrx Chocolate Bar – 1000mg

Available Flavour:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies & Cream

We got the mad ting ELIXR CHOCO BAR 1000MG in the 6ix, and trust me, it’s next level! This ain’t your average chocolate bar, it’s packing a whopping 1000MG of that good-good, straight from the plug.

Picture this: smooth, velvety chocolate that’s not just for your taste buds, but also gonna elevate your vibe to another level. This ain’t no weak sauce; it’s that potent, potent goodness that’s gonna have you feeling like you’re floating on clouds, fam.

ELIXR ain’t messing around – they crafted this choco bar with precision, using only the finest ingredients. Each square is a dose of pure bliss, and with 1000MG, you’re in for a proper wave. It’s the perfect companion for when you’re posted up with the squad or just chilling at the crib.

Whether you’re a seasoned head or just stepping into the game, ELIXR CHOCO BAR 1000MG is the plug you need. It’s discreet, it’s dank, and it’s delivering that heavy hit. Cop yours and get ready to experience the sweet side of the 6ix, roadman style! Safe, fam! 🍫💨