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El Jefe

El Jefe is a mostly indica strain. The dark green buds have a few orange hairs on them. At the same time, the buds are very sticky, dense, and big. It smells like a mix of marijuana and dirt. But the taste has nothing to do with how it smells. El Jefe has a great mix of spicy, lemony, and piney flavours that will make you want more after every hit. No other strain is known to calm the mind as much as this one. It could be powerful. The high is relaxing and calms you down. It mostly gives you a body buzz that calms your senses, which may make you feel like you’re stuck on the couch. You should keep in mind that its effects help people with cramps and muscle spasms the most. But there’s more. It works just as well to treat anorexia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other serious health problems.