Citrus Haze

After Dark Cannabis Dispensary in York has just dropped the Citrus Haze oz special – a Sativa Hybrid that’s rocking a solid 25% THC level. This ain’t your regular bud; it’s a genetic masterpiece, blending Lemon Haze with a mystery strain that hits harder than the beats in the 6ix. The buds? Imagine vibrant greens laced with fiery orange hairs, a sight so fresh it’s like catching a sunset over the cityscape of Toronto. When you grab this oz special, you’re not just copping weed; you’re securing a slice of the 6ix’s zest.

Crack open that jar, and let the aromatics hit you like a burst of summer in the city. Citrus Haze brings a wave of freshness – think lemon, lime, and a touch of tropical vibes. It’s like walking through Kensington Market on the hottest day of the year. Spark it up, and the flavour profiles drop like a track from your favorite Toronto artist. Citrus takes the lead, with a zesty kick and a smooth exhale that’s as satisfying as finding the perfect spot at Trinity Bellwoods.

But let’s talk about that high, fam. Citrus Haze is the Sativa Hybrid that’ll have you on a vibe higher than the CN Tower. It’s a cerebral journey, uplifting your mood like the views from the 6ix’s iconic landmark. Stress? Consider it gone. Fatigue? Bounced. Depression? Lifted. This strain is the roadman’s remedy for the daily struggles. And watch that ash burn white – a mark of that top-tier quality. The high? It’s not just a moment; it’s a journey that lasts 18-22 minutes, giving you ample time to ride the wave and soak in the Toronto glow.

Don’t sleep on the Citrus Haze oz special, fam. Slide through to After Dark Cannabis Dispensary in York and lock in that Sativa Hybrid greatness. It’s not just an ounce; it’s a burst of the 6ix’s energy. Elevate your vibes with the Citrus Haze – where the buds are brighter than Graffiti Alley, and the highs are higher than the skyscrapers downtown.