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#1 Stunna

#1 Stunna is an indica strain. This classic mix makes a high that’s both relaxing and energising, with mellow but long-lasting effects on the mind and body. The #1 Stunna high starts with a feeling of euphoria in the head that spreads to the rest of the body with a mild tingling energy. As your happiness grows, you’ll feel a deep sense of relaxation that will ease your aches and pains without making you feel sleepy or heavy. This feeling will spread to your mind, making you a little spacey but still able to do things. #1: People often choose Stunna to treat long-term pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. Each smooth exhale of #1 has a classic skunky-sweet taste with hints of woody spices. As the nugs are burned, they smell very skunky and sour, with a hint of earthy pine and rich florals. #1 buds look like flat diamonds and are a light minty green colour. They have bright orange hairs and tiny amber crystal trichomes.